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  • D-Phenothrin


  • Description:
  • d-Phenothrin content:

    Min. 94%.


    Yellow to brown viscous liquid.


    Max. 0.20%.

    Acidity (as H2SO4) :

    Max. 0.20%.

  • Description

Product name: d-Phenothrin
Other name: d-trans-phenothrin; Phenothrin.
Chemical name: 3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R)-cis,trans-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methyl-1-propenyl)cyclopropanecarboxylate
Chemical family: Synthetic Pyrethroids
CAS number: 188023-86-1
Molecular formula: C23H26O3
Molecular weight: 350.46

Purity: 94% Min.
Appearance: Yellow brown viscous liquid.
Odour: Faint characteristic odour.
Boiling point: >290℃
Flash point: 140℃ (Cleveland open-cup)
Density: 1.06 g/mL (20℃)
Vapor pressure: 0.0187 mPa (21℃)
Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient: Log Pow = 6.01 (20℃)
Solubility: Soluble in xylene, acetone, hexane, ethanol, refined kerosene and chloroform by >50%. In water <0.0097 g/L (25℃).
Stability: Stable for 2 year under normal temperature and for three months under 60℃.

d-Phenothrin is the only non-poisonous product of synthesis pyrethrin insecticides permitted to apply in American civil aviation and one of insecticides recommended by WHO. It is a broad spectrum insecticide with potent contact and stomach action, lethal effect 8.5-20 times than that of other pyrethrin products and a weak knockdown, in mixture with tetramethrin and es-bioallethrin against pests in household, storage, public and industrial area. d-Phenothrin is also effective against tyxophagus putroscentiae and dermatophagoides forinae, in tyxophagu putroscentiae at 500ppm and in dermatophagoides forinae at 100ppm same as popular insecticide such as fenitrothion and diazinon. It is also ideal for control and prevention of rhizoperthadominica and nephotettix cincticeps.

Aerosols: The recommended dosages for use in aerosols are between 0.2% and 0.7%.

Acute toxicity:
Swallowed: LD50 (rat) > 5000 mg/kg.
Skin: LD50 (rat) > 5000 mg/kg.
Inhalation: LC50 rat (4 hour) > 2.10 mg/L of air.
Eye irritancy: Slight irritating.
Skin irritancy: Non irritating.
Sensitisation: Non sensitising.
Long term toxicity: Non teratogenic, non mutagenic, non genotoxic, non carcinogenic.

d-Phenothrin is supplied in the packaging described below:
PVF-lined Steel drums, standard size (net weight) -- 25 kg.