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  • Prallethrin


  • Description:
  • Prallethrin content:

    Min. 93%.


    Yellow brown to red brown viscous liquid.


    Max. 0.30%.

    Acidity (as H2SO4) :

    Max. 0.30%.

  • Description

Product name: Prallethrin
Chemical name: (S)-2-methyl-3-(2-propynyl)-4-oxocyclopent-2-enyl-(1R)cis-trans-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methyl-1-propenyl)cyclopropanecarboxylate
Chemical family: Synthetic Pyrethroids
CAS number: 23031-36-9
Molecular formula: C19H24O3
Molecular weight: 300.40

Purity: 93% Min.
Appearance: Yellow to brown viscous liquid.
Odour: Faint characteristic odour.
Melting point: From -16 to -18 ℃ (freezing point)
Boiling point: 313.5℃
Flash point: 133℃ (Seta closed cup)
Density: 1.03 g/mL (20℃)
Vapor pressure: 4.2 x 10-3 Pa (25℃)
Ignition Temperature: 354℃
Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient: Log Pow = 4.49 (25℃)
Solubility: Soluble in most organic solvents. Solubility in water is 8 mg/L (25℃).
Stability: Stable in weak acidic and neutral medium, but easily hydrolyze in alkaline solution; unstable to light. Can be store 2 years in normal condition.

Prallethrin has high vapor pressure. It is used for prevention and control of mosquito, fly and roach etc. In knok down and killing active, it is 4 times highter than d-allethrin. Especially it has the function to wipe out roach. It's therefore used as active ingredient mosquito-repellent insect.  Electro-thermal, mosquito repellent incense, aerosol and spraying products. The used amount in mosquito-repellent incense is 1/3 of that d-Allethrin.

Coils: The recommended dosages for use in coils are between 0.05% and 0.4%.
Mats: 10 mg/mat to 40 mg/mat. Center temperature of heater controlled between 125℃-135℃.
Liquid electric thermal incense: Content 0.8% to 1.6% in mixture with stabilizer.
Aerosols: Content 0.15% to 0.6% in mixture with lethal agent, synergist and emulsifier.

Acute toxicity:
Swallowed: LD50 (male rat) = 667 mg/kg; LD50 (female rat) = 417 mg/kg.
Skin: LD50 (rat) > 2000 mg/kg.
Inhalation: LC50 male rat (4 hour) = 0.855 mg/L of air; LC50 female rat (4 hour) = 0.658 mg/L of air.
Eye irritancy: Moderate irritating.
Skin irritancy: Non irritating.
Sensitisation: Non sensitising.
Long term toxicity: Non teratogenic, non mutagenic, non carcinogenic, non genotoxic.

Prallethrin is supplied in the packaging described below:
PVF-lined Steel drums, standard size (net weight) -- 25 kg.