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  • Pyriproxyfen(CAS RN 95737-68-1)

Pyriproxyfen(CAS RN 95737-68-1)

  • Description:
  • Pyriproxyfen content:

    Min. 97%.


    White to likeness white powder.


    Max. 0.5%.

    pH value:


  • Description

Common name Pyriproxyfen (BSI, draft E-ISO); no name (Sweden)
IUPAC name 4-phenoxyphenyl (RS)-2-(2-pyridyloxy)propyl ether
Chemical Abstracts name 2-[1-methyl-2-(4-phenoxyphenoxy)ethoxy]pyridine
CAS RN [95737-68-1] unstated stereochemistry   

Mol. wt. 321.5  M.f. C20H19NO3  Form Colourless crystals; (tech. is white to likeness white powder).  M.p. 47 ºC  V.p. <0.013 mPa (23 °C)  KOW logP = 5.37  S.g./density 1.24 (25 ºC)  Solubility In hexane 400, methanol 200, xylene 500 (all in g/kg, 20-25 ºC).  F.p. 119 °C (Pensky-Martens closed test)

Mode of action Insect growth regulator; suppressor of embryogenesis, inhibitor of metamorphosis and inhibitor of reproduction.
Uses Control of public health insect pests (flies, beetles, midges, mosquitoes); applied to breeding sites (swamps, livestock houses, etc.). Also used for control of whitefly and thrips.
Formulation types 97%TC 10.8%EC 5%EW 5%ME