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  • Transfluthrin


  • Description:
  • Transfluthrin content:

    Min. 93%.


    Colourless to brown liquid or crystal pulp or solid.


    Max. 0.30%.

    Acidity (as H2SO4) :

    Max. 0.30%.

    Insoluble substance in acetone:

    Max. 0.30%.

  • Description

Product name: Transfluthrin
Chemical name: 2,3,5,6-tetrafluorobenzyl(1R)-trans-3-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)-2,2-dimethyl cyclopropanecarboxylate
Chemical family: Synthetic Pyrethroids
CAS number: 118712-89-3
Molecular formula: C15H12Cl2F4O2
Molecular weight: 371

Purity: 93% Min.
Appearance: Colourless to brown liquid or crystal pulp or solid.
Melting point: 30-35℃
Density: 1.51 g/cm3(23℃)
Vapor pressure: 4x10-1 mPa/20℃
Solubility: Soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohols, ketene, chlorhydrocarbens, cyclone, benzene and xylene. 0.057mg/L at 20℃ in water.
Stability: Stable in weak acid and neutral condition, resolve in strong alkali, one-day semi-decline period, stable to heat and keep stability for 2 years if storage in normal temperature.

Transfluthrin has broad-spectrum, and is effective to hygienic and storage pests. It has swift knock-down effect to insects of diptera, such as mosquitoes, and very good residual effect to cockroaches and bedbugs.
Unlike most of other synthetic pyrethroids, Transfluthrin is extraordinarily effective at very low application rates. Moreover its evaporation rate proves to be particularly high, allowing the substance to evaporate even at room temperature, thus making it suitable to be applied both through heated and unheated systems.
Owing to all of these features, Transfluthrin is actually the active of choice for innovative aerosols, vaporizers (Coils, Mats, LEDs, unheated systems) and clothes-moth control products.

Coils: The recommended dosages for use in coils are between 0.02 and 0.04%. Apart from the extremely low amounts required to be effective, Transfluthrin offers several additional advantages, such as:
1: quick anti-biting effect from the first instants of burning;
2: no product waste during the whole working time;
3: proved efficacy, even against tolerant mosquitoes;
4: a 6 to 10 times higher effectiveness than d-Allethrin.
Mats: The advisable dosages to guarantee an effective insecticidal activity in mats applications are 10-13 mg per mat. Owing to its fast evaporation, Transfluthrin can be used in cellulose made supports with low temperature heaters or in special plastic supports (chips) with normal heaters. Transfluthrin can also be used efficiently at lower levels in combination with d-Allethrin in cellulose made supports with normal heaters: in fact, thanks to its quick evaporation, Transfluthrin provides an immediate "cleaning" and antibiting effect in the room, while d-Allethrin keeps on working overnight.
LEDs: The recommended dosage for liquid vaporizers is 0.88% in hydrocarbon solution. The main advantages of Transfluthrin for this application are:
1: constant evaporation rates, thus constant performances over the whole claimed working time;
2: no clogging of the wick and therefore a complete consumption of the liquid;
3: a perfect control from the first instants of working time;
4: a more than 2 times higher effectiveness than Esbiothrin and Prallethrin on mosquitoes.
Ambient vaporizers Transfluthrin is suitable for the development of innovative products working at room temperature (indoor strips, portable devices, etc.) with efficacy comparable to coils.
Anti-moth products for clothes protection: Transfluthrin is the best performing and cost effective active ingredient on the market for this application. It can be formulated both in aerosol and solid products such as impregnated papers, moth bags, etc. Comparative tests performed on paper strips show an efficacy that is much higher than Empenthrin in terms of dosage, duration, biological efficacy (preventive effect, larvae killing, hatching inhibition, adults repellence).

Acute toxicity:
LD50 oral (rat) >5000 mg/kg;
LD50 dermal (rat) >5000 mg/kg;
LC50 inhalation (rat) >513 mg/m3 (air).
Eye irritancy: Non irritating.
Skin irritancy: Non irritating.
Sensitisation: Non sensitising.
Long term toxicity: Non teratogenic, non mutagenic, non carcinogenic.

Transfluthrin is supplied in the packaging described below:
PVF-lined Steel drums, standard size (net weight) -- 25 kg.